marriage & civil union

CONGRATULATIONS you're getting married!  This will be one of the most special and memorable days of your life. You want it to be perfect and by working together it will be. 

A wedding day is a special celebration, it reflects who you are and the commitment that you are making as you combine your lives to create a future together.

Just as you and your story are unique, every wedding ceremony I help design and create is individually crafted. Whether you want your ceremony to be traditional, simple, relaxed, casual, whacky, elaborate, indoor, outdoor, at the top of a mountain, at the beach or in the bush, I promise to do my best so your day is memorable for all the right reasons.


There are many many reasons to celebrate, create ceremony and ritual - perhaps we don't celebrate meaningful occasions often enough!  Rites of passage, the birth of a baby, naming children, graduation, renewal of vows, moving house, a new job, retirement, separation, divorce, significant birthdays and transitions are all opportunities to commemorate special moments in time.  

For more information, please email: lianne@taupocelebrant.co.nz


In my celebrant role I will:

  • Always respect and work with you in the strictest confidence
  • Meet with you at a venue of your choice
  • Work closely with you to ensure the very best of service
  • Help you work out what you want to do and how you want to do it
  • Be sensitive to your culture and philosophies
  • Listen, and if necessary, help you write vows, ceremony, life narratives, service
  • Based on directions from you, prepare, design and plan your full ceremony
  • I can suggest readings, enactments and music appropriate to the occasion
  • Prepare a run-sheet
  • Facilitate and/or officiate at the ceremony
  • Always arrive early and make sure that everything is in order and that those with responsibilities are prepared.




The end of life is an emotional time, and whether this death is sudden or expected there are many decisions to be made as well as feelings and reactions to navigate. 

As a funeral celebrant my role is to help you, your family and your friends to honour, respect and farewell your loved one in the best possible way. My commitment is to be of service to you and to help create a unique, meaningful and memorable tribute to commemorate and celebrate life and end of life. 

There is a link between grief and love, it ebbs and flows, and a first step to healing is to start to remember.


A living funeral allows you to celebrate life with the people who are special to you at a time when you can participate and help direct a ceremony. It's an opportunity to honour the living as well as to appreciate and acknowledge the people important in your life.   


As a pet owner, I know how difficult and sad it is to farewell a beloved animal who has been such an important part of family life.  I can help you create a sensitive and appropriate ceremony to honour the loss of a treasured animal friend.



For more information, please email: lianne@taupocelebrant.co.nz