Not just any 'I Do'

Not just any ‘I Do’

When you say ‘I Do’ – which, in a marriage ceremony is always the right answer by the way – it’s good to know that your celebrant is professional, competent and will create and deliver the best possible ceremony that is uniquely yours. 

 So, when you start looking for a celebrant with the right fit you need to know that they’re capable, creative, trustworthy, reliable and professional.  Social media recommendations and reviews only go so far, and really you need to go further.

 Engaging a celebrant who is a member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ) gives you significant assurance that you’re employing someone from a professional body; a celebrant who has passed the association’s code of standards and ethics test and a person who, more often than not, is committed to ongoing professional development with a strong network of fellow celebrants to call on if needed.

 As well, CANZ has introduced a celebrant validation process known as VCANZ, which is a structured recognition of celebrant training, experience and professional development based on their body of knowledge. This gives couples looking for a celebrant, as well as the public and allied sectors, additional certainty and greater comfort that a CANZ celebrant, especially ones with VCANZ accreditation, meet the professional standards of competency required for celebrant work. It’s another investment and commitment to a career that celebrants around the country enormous satisfaction and pleasure. 

 So, wherever you are in New Zealand you will find a CANZ celebrant – we’re a nationwide professional body with more than 860 members. Celebrants are passionate about ceremony and are people who love their work.  A CANZ celebrant will help you define your special day beyond the exchange of rings.   Take a look at to find out more.



Lianne Fraser