A Wedding Ring

 A WEDDING RING – A PERFECT CIRCLE, WITH NO BEGINNING OR END, A SYMBOL OF INFINITY AND ENDLESS LOVE. Wearing a ring on the third finger of the left hand not only signifies marriage, it connects today’s brides and grooms with 3,000 years of ritual and with our ancestors from Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Whatever hand a commitment ring is worn, this outward symbol of connection crosses religion, culture, as well as the centuries, and is recognised across the world as a mark of marriage. Steeped in symbolism, the wedding ring can take many forms. Over time, they’ve been crafted from wood, twisted flax, leather, bone or ivory, to what we’re more familiar with in New Zealand and the western world - a single band of precious metal. Throughout history, the wedding ring has been worn on different fingers, including the thumb, although it’s thought the Romans began the tradition of the ‘ring finger’ believing there was a vein directly connected to the heart. Finding the right words to express your commitment as you exchange rings is deeply personal and significant; it’s something your celebrant can guide and help you with. A Celebrants’ Association of New Zealand (CANZ) celebrant is an experienced and skilled professional who has committed to a code of ethics, professional standards, and to delivering excellent service. Wherever you are in New Zealand, you will find a CANZ celebrant – we’re a nationwide professional body with more than 860 members. Celebrants are passionate about ceremonies and are people who love their work. A CANZ celebrant will help you define your special day beyond the exchange of rings.

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As seen in the July 2018 edition of My Wedding www.mywedding.co.nz 



Lianne Fraser