Why 'tie the knot'?

Photo credit: Judy van den Yssel Richards

Photo credit: Judy van den Yssel Richards

Tying the Knot

Your wedding is such a special event and can become even more memorable by using a ritual uniquely yours within the ceremony. This might celebrate a family tradition, join landscapes, cultures or perhaps remember people who can’t be with you on the day.

Handfasting began as an ancient Celtic tradition and literally symbolises binding two people together – it’s where the expression ‘tying the knot’ originated. Using ribbon or cloth that’s meaningful to you is traditional but harakeke (flax) can add a particular New Zealand flavour.  It’s a good idea to practice beforehand because it’s a little tricky first time.

We light candles for many reasons, to celebrate a birthday, light the way and to remember.  Candles are also a wonderful scene-setter and there’s a range of meaningful ways to incorporate them in a wedding ceremony.  One candle can light many; just make sure there’s no flimsy fabric nearby!

New Zealand is blessed with beautiful coastlines and beaches. The act of combining sand from a couple’s individual favourite seaside place is increasingly popular. However, the sand doesn’t have to come from a beach and blending different coloured sand into a separate container is a powerful visual image – each grain of sand keeps its colour but when mixed together, cannot be separated.

Member celebrants of the Celebrant Association of New Zealand have a wealth of knowledge of ceremony and ritual. By using the CANZ directory (www.celebrantsassociation.co.nz/member-directory) you’ll find someone with the experience, knowledge and creativity to help make your wedding day wonderful in the way you want it to be.  CANZ celebrants are professionals, committed to a code of ethics and dedicated to the craft of creating exceptional and personal ceremonies.


Lianne Fraser